Day 1:  Write down 7 things that makes you happy, every day this week do one of the things that makes you happy.

Day 2:  Who motivates you? Why? Tell them they motivate you & how (you never know how close that person is to giving up, you telling them that they motivate you maybe motivation for them, so in reality you’ll be motivating each other)

Day 3:  What’s your biggest fear? Why?

Day 4:  Growing up you always wanted to be/do? Did you do it? If not what happened?

Day 5:  What is your dream? Does it relate to any of the 5 things that makes you happy? Why do you want to make this dream a reality?

Day 6:  Take a selfie & caption this “today I will begin the journey of Making my Dreams a Reality”

Day 7:  Research, research, research. Google & the library is your friend. Use them to your advantage. What are the names of some successful people in this field? Look up their stories. Congratulations you’ve completed a week, Give yourself a pat on the back and say “I can do this, I am making my dreams reality.”



Day 8: Look at the people you surround yourself with. Are they people who you respect? Do they motivate, stimulate or teach you? Do they discourage you, slow you down or get jealous about your successes? If they are uncomfortable with your lifestyle, fight you on your choices and influence you to make decisions that you later regret, you need to take a serious step back.

Day 9: Vision Board: What should I put on my vision board? A: Anything that inspires and motivates you. The purpose of your vision board is to bring everything on it to life. First, think about what dreams you would like to become a reality in the following areas: relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth (including spirituality, social life, education) and health. What you’ll need: • A poster board • Scissors • Tape, pins, and/or a glue-stick to put your board together. • Magazines that you can cut images and quotes from. • Time. Give yourself a stress-free hour or two to put your board together. Before you start your vision board Sit quietly. Open your heart & your mind, ask yourself what it is that you truly want. Images will come into your head. This process helps you to see your vision more clearly. If you share on social media hash tag #MilanoMakingDreamsRealityChallenge

Day 10: Visualizing your dream Before you go to sleep, imagine yourself as being the person you’ve dreamed of becoming & smile because one day you’ll be that person.

Day 11: Google “what do I need to get started _______(insert your dream job) Print out your findings (highlight the things you believe are necessary for the start of your business

Day 12: Begin doing the things you highlighted (This may take some time, with the intention of following through with each step)

Day 13: Network – make a list of your network, also make a list of the people you’d like to have in your network. Think about why you want to include them in your network & how you can get them to be apart?

Day 14: Find a mentor – it can be a mentor In your head, most people that have businesses may not have the necessary time to be a mentor to you but if you pay close attention to their story, things they share & their network you’ll learn an unlimited amount of stuff that’ll help you grow. thru the previous step (networking) should breed meaningful and productive relationships, use these to your advance and find a good mentor to gain knowledge and advice from. Congratulations you’ve completed your second week, Share your “Making Dreams Reality” journey with a friend and see if they will join you for the next 2 weeks.


Day 15: Find your niche

Day 16: Who’s your target market? Who would your product or business benefit? And how?

Day 17: Invest in your dream, think of the extra money you spend that can go towards your dream.

Day 18: Logos: you need a logo in order to build an image and a brand that is greater than your individual identity

Day 19: What do you want your brand to represent. 3 words to describe

Day 20: Ask 10 people closest to you to use 3 words to describe you?

Day 21: Transformation, take a step back. Look at where you are now. Do you represent the things you’d like your brand to represent? If not let today be the day you grow into all that you’d like your brand to be. Congratulations you’ve completed your 3rd week of the “Making Dreams Reality” 30 day challenge, treat yourself to something that makes you happy.


Day 22: What do you want your brand to represent?

Day 23: Think about branding, Think about name, Think about color schemes, Think about logos Just think

Day 24: Compliment someone on their successes. And from this day forward make it a goal to compliment others on their success every opportunity you get.

Day 25: Networking Get involved Google “networking events in your area”. Get out, attend as many networking events as you can and really make connections (don’t just there).

Day 26: Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses -Be honest

Day 27: Create a realistic 5 year plan

Day 28: Are u ready to give up? Are you excited? What are your emotions towards this journey? If you’re having mixed emotions this may not be your dream, it may

Day 29: Make a list of your progress towards your “Making your Dreams a Reality” since day 1 (are you proud of yourself? You should be)

Day 30: Presentation Create something tangible, and Reveal your dream to the world! Congratulations you’ve successfully completed the Milano Di Rouge 30 day “Making Dreams Reality” challenge.  Now look in the mirror and say, “I did it”