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5 Ways To Use Your Power

By April 27, 2018Blog

You have most likely been told that you should acquire power. However, you most likely have not been told how to acquire, maintain, or use power.  Here are 5 ways to maintain and grow your power as suggested by Robert Greene, Author of 48 Laws of Power.


Always Say Less Than Necessary

Power is shown in the man with few words. The more you speak, the more opportunities you are giving yourself to say something nonsensical. State your point succinctly to show confidence and power.


Recreate Yourself

Society will try to push you into a corner or put a label on you. Do whatever it is you need to do to recreate yourself and become the individual that you would like to become an individual deserving of respect and power.


Master the Art of Timing

To rush and to hurry tells the world that you are not in control of yourself or time. Remain patient and be faithful that everything will come to you in due time.


Work on the Heart and Minds of Others

This is the only way to truly get someone on your side. Finding sneaky ways to persuade will prove to be unconducive to your goals. Focus on the emotions and beliefs of those who you want around.


Despise the Free Lunch

Anything worth having is worth fighting and paying for. When you accept things for free, while it may be unbeknownst to you, there is often an underlying deed or obligation to follow. Paying the cost to be the boss is a very real and true concept


By: Janise Monee

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