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By September 11, 2017Blog



September 10, 2017

Are you familiar with the term TRAP or DIE, like do you understand the concept of doing what it is absolutely necessary to obtain all the resources to make it? That feeling when you’re not sure how you’re going to eat, but as you look around and realize there is TEAM behind you depending on you, and if you fail, we all go hungry?
Well let’s start applying that to your dreams, your goals, your affirmations, DREAM or Die. That moment you plan to manifest that idea that goal into something tangible, something you can see, breathe, OWN. That’s when you no longer are in control of what’s going on, at that moment you turn your PASSION into POWER and let that internally fuel all notions to go harder than you’ve even thought fathomable! That moment that you take that leap into turning dreams into reality there is no slowing down, there is no going back. You know that thought of betting it all on black and closing your eyes as the roulette spins? That nervous knot in your stomach as you worry whether you made the biggest gamble of your life?
Yea that part , we so often bet on smaller more minuscule things, how about you start going all in, risking it all because you KNOW that with determination, passion, resilience , that power will take you to heights that are indescribable. No one walking this earth will go as hard for you as YOU will go for you. Finding a solid team to execute these plans are key, but ultimately who’s going to care more about eating than you, you’re the one starving, right?
If you can get up every day and put 8 hours or more into someone else’s dream, you can sit on a team with creative ideas that help build, brand and carry someone else’s to fruition; when you’re home from a long day’s work, do you also give yourself that same energy? Do you set aside some time to work on your personal goals? Do you ensure that at least one thing from your task list is being scratched off? If you’re answering NO to any of these questions then you’re doing something totally wrong. You have to invest in you the same way that you invest into those 8 hours at that 9-5 that everyday you’re secretly wishing you had the courage to walk out. Now don’t walk away from your bread and butter if you’re not ready and no one knows that point of “ readiness” but you, BUT just know when you leap don’t be scared of falling be more anxious and excited to fly, to go hard and use that tenacity to tear down every brick stacked up against you.
I challenge you to think about how hard you’re going RIGHT NOW, take that and turn it up a couple notches, nah forget that, turn the knob all the way to the right! Like literally pump that to the max and don’t look back. With every “ no” take it as “ not now” for every door closed think of it as a door that you didn’t need to be walking through.With every failed attempt think of that as a way that wasn’t beneficial for YOU. Take every risk, break down every barrier, smash every goal that is attainable and put yourself in a position to WIN. Literally put your all in, go for broke because you have that much faith in yourself that losing isn’t an option. You know what happens when a small minded individual finally starts believing in their OWN dreams, they become reality and honestly, what better feeling is there than reality?

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