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Health & Wellness- 4 Rituals You Need In Your Daily Routine 

By September 14, 2017Blog

4 Rituals You Need In Your Daily Routine 


One of the things that many successful people have in common is that they tend to have a routine. This routine allows them to be disciplined and focused on their craft. Some arise in the morning listening to a podcast. Some like to schedule family time at a certain time frame. Whatever the case, there are a few rituals that EVERYONE should have in order to live a happy and healthier lifestyle. 


  1. Meditation – I can’t believe how many people still sleep on meditation. I remember my yoga instructor explaining how 15 minutes of meditating was the equivalent to an hour nap. Meditation allows you to clear out your mind and get in touch with your chakras. By connecting with your chakras you uplift your mood and prepare yourself for a great day. Start your morning with meditation or sneak it in at lunch time to get you through the day.  
  1. Stretch – As you get older, your body gets tighter. Tight muscles lead to injuries and aches, which is one thing none of us have the time for. In Asia, it is customary to start the day with Tai-Chi or any movement. You’ll often find school yards full of students touching their toes and rolling their necks. This allows your body to get the blood flowing and also provides the flexibility you need when running around. Be sure to get a good stretch in throughout your day.  
  1. Cardio Workouts – The blood may flow with stretching but cardio will get the blood pumping. Many entrepreneurs claim they get their best ideas at the gym and I for one can attest to this. My best choreography comes from the treadmill. My most dynamic photoshoots come from the bike. You can even squeeze in cardio from a youtube channel. Try to fit this in your daily routine and see a glo up inside and out! 
  1. Mantras – If you’re not in the mirror each morning piping yourself up, you’re not doing life right! When watching “Insecure” we often laugh when we see Issa in the mirror rapping and hyping herself up to make moves but honestly this helps. By repeating a mantra or building yourself up in the morning you instill confidence in yourself and your work. You set yourself up for a day of positivity and protect yourself from having your joy stolen. A mantra doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be as simple as “I’m beautiful, I’m smart, and I’m going to shut sh*t down!” Whatever you need to do to build yourself up do it, because everyone isn’t going to.  

Applying these rituals to your routine can definitely produce results you need to climb the ladder of success. What’s good about these is that you can do them almost anywhere. Some will fit in a workout at their jobs. Maybe you even dip off in the bathroom to get a mantra going. It’s all up to your preference.  



Written by Alyssa Bigbee

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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