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Love and Loving Yourself

By March 16, 2018Blog

Know Who You Are

I honestly believe that it is impossible to love someone else until you truly love yourself and in order to love yourself you have to know yourself. I also believe that the only way to get to know yourself is through isolation. Be by yourself. Learn things about yourself without the influence of others.

Communication and Empathy

For the longest, we have heard  “communication is key” in relationships so I will not go against that. What I will say is that empathy is just as important. Perhaps they go hand in hand. The task in loving someone else is understanding or even just knowing how they feel and then acting accordingly. If they don’t communicate you would never know how they feel but if you think your way is the only way that won’t work either, even if they do communicate their feelings. You know that person that gets into a disagreement and starts to point the finger? Saying things like “That person is crazy” or “That person is too sensitive”. Don’t be that person. That isn’t love.

Accept Yourself and Others

Sometimes we get so caught up in who we want to be or who we want others to be that we forget to love who we are no and who others are. Sure, everyone can change but it’s important to live in the movement and love yourself for who you are and love others for who they are. Life is fleeting and love is all we have.

Busy Work Week

Ok, so first of all shout out to you for being booked and busy. In order for us to make our dreams reality we need to stay focused and stay busy doing things that push us closer and closer to our dreams. Easier said than done right? It’s not an easy task but if it’s in your heart you will win. Plus, here are three tips to nativating a busy work week.


If you don’t have a clear idea of what you need to do and how you are going to complete all of your tasks, there’s no way you will make it through the week. I love writing things done. Visualization is real and it so helpful.

Prayer or Meditation

Always make time for yourself. Religious or not. Spiritual or not. Being alone with yourself to gather your thoughts and find some inspiration will surely help you get through the week. Find a motivational IG page that gives you your life or buy a book that offers daily inspiration, find something that keeps you sane, inspired and motivated.


Honestly, anytime I am feeling tired or overly stressed I will turn on some music and get my life. Judge me if you want but music has healing power! I’m not saying you have to dance although highly recommended, just listen to something that will get your mind of the busy week.  

Written By:

Janise Monee

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