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By September 7, 2017Blog


Lifestyle and Business by Lola

September 7, 2017

Moving to a new city can be quite daunting – especially when you’re making a business move. It takes a courageous individual to dive into a sea filled with endless heights and possibilities. You may envision sharks ready to attack everything you’ve built up for your brand, but always keep in mind: “The fear that you feel is not real”. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Ultimately, it all comes down to finally deciding when you’re ready to make your dreams reality.

I stand firmly on the saying “If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room”. My “wrong room” was my hometown, Baltimore, MD. There was only but so much exposure and experience I could accumulate within my short stent of time, developing my brand, “PLOTWIST by Lola”. I love Baltimore and I’m grateful for all my supporters, but I was beginning to feel comfortable. I needed to be challenged, I needed to face someone that was superior to me, more experienced than me, and I needed to be inspired by a force greater than local inspirations. Once I realized there were a plethora of new levels to reach, my hunger for success drove me on a one-way bus to New York City.

It all has to start with a plan. You have to see successful people in life, but want to go further than them. You have to eat, sleep, and breathe your brand. If you don’t take your brand serious, why should anyone else? Does your brand have meaning? Are you willing to spend money to make money? These are all questions you have to ask yourself before developing your brand, and definitely before you move to a new city.

Here’s my guide to starting a brand in 10 steps:

1. Dream it.

2. Be confident in the start up of your business, no matter who you feel will or won’t support you.

3. Construct a name that ever so effortlessly defines you and parallels your values, morals, and beliefs. (If you believe in the meaning of your brand, it’s easier to sell.)

4. Design or get a logo made.

5. Develop business relationships. (Work with people that care about your success as much as you do.)

6. Spend money, to make money. (This is called investing)


8. Distribute complimentary samples of your product to public figures that will instantly increase the value of your brand. Choose wisely. (Optional)

9. Launch your product.

10. Remain consistent.

Following these steps will become the birth of a newly found drive in life. When you build your brand from the bottom up, you have a tangible visual presentation of your dreams becoming reality. When you begin to feel relaxed even for a moment, it’s time to push harder, to grind harder, to work smarter.

Moving to New York City serves as a platform for the build up in preparation for lift off of my brand. I am introduced to eclectic sources of inspirations and audiences. I feel uncomfortable, which is a good thing. That means I’m growing. When you integrate your business into your lifestyle, you are constantly investing into yourself and your legacy. If no one takes anything from you from your time on earth, they’ll remember that you were a hustler and that you chased all of your dreams. Make them remember how great you are, let them know that your legacy will make an impact. Use that for motivation to stunt on anyone who doubted you and become your best self. After all, if you don’t go out and get it, someone else will!

Lola in NYC.



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