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By September 21, 2017Blog


New York Fashion Week Embraces the Many Assets of  a Woman 

By: Lola 

      This year, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) introduced an abundance of collections, looks, and styles, but with a plot twist. The models were short, thick, and dark-skinned. They strutted in tattoos, they had curly hair, they had gaps in their teeth, and they were older than 40; better yet, close to 70. Genius designers aimed to target a much more broader market this season. In fact, there was something for almost every woman. Whether you are light skin, or dark skin, have straight hair, or rock a bush, are 5’2”, or are covered in tattoos, NYFW included the female population as a whole.  


Isn’t it amazing to see people just like you grace the runway with confidence and elegance? These are people that you would see in your local grocery stores, yoga classes, classrooms, and offices. The media portrays models as the stereotypical description: tall and skinny. These ladies prove otherwise. They are here to break the barriers in the modeling industry. The bold and defiant women lead with their best foot forward and proves once again, we can’t be contained.  

Confidence plays a major factor in a woman’s overall well being. A confident woman fears nothing, she makes boss moves with or without a man, she embraces each and every piece of her being, and she hustles as if she can lose it all today and get it all back tomorrow. When chasing your dreams, confidence is key. For every “no” you hear, gets you that much closer to your final “yes”. If we want others to believe in us, it must start with ourselves; from within. 

The modeling industry can be the most tough, critical, and self-doubtful world ever. Today, women translate that if it can be them, it can be YOU. Don’t ever give up on your dream because the world is used to a certain image. Be the image that changes the game, be that woman that rocks their socks, be the woman who says a thousand words when she walks into the room without even parting her lips. 


The female culture possesses versatility like no other. We come in different hues and shades, different heights, shapes, and weights, different ethnicities, religions, and practices, and different lips, eyes, and hair textures (just to name a few). Only the a woman could raise a child, handle her business at work, grace the runway, endure new ventures, and conquer the world..with a smile on her face! What are you waiting for? Opportunities and windows have been opened for us, it’s time to fill those 6 inch pumps and do what we do best- everything. 



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