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MDR Relationships: Worst Date Ever

By December 29, 2017Blog

Male or female, I think we can all agree that we’ve each had some horror stories when it comes to love and dating. Whether you are blindly meeting a person off of Tinder or Bumble, or rekindling a relationship with an old friend or acquaintance, dating is one big game that each of us must play if we hope to find “the one.”

I’ve always wondered how everyone is so happy and in love with their significant other, when my friends and I are still sitting at home promising to marry each other if our love lives don’t work out. Personally, some of my worst dates were with a guy who I had known since the seventh grade. We worked together in high school, and we had been close friends for years. He used to beg me to give him a chance and go out with him; so reluctantly I agreed. One time he got so drunk at dinner that he was stumbling down South Street. He was shouting and cursing and falling into people on the sidewalk. Everyone on South Street was staring at us, as he could barely stand up straight. He was leaning on the stop sign trying to keep his eyes open, and his feet on the ground. Needless to say, I was incredibly embarrassed. I eventually called an Uber and left. I later found out that he was not only drinking, but he had also taken prescription pain medications, which is why he was so intoxicated. That was it for me.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve asked some friends (and strangers) to share stories of their worst dates. Here are a few:

“This girl’s breath smelled so bad. She tried getting me to make out with her and her friend….then she asked me to have a threesome…” said Jon D.


Nicole P. said, “I went all the way to Florida to meet up with this guy who I had been talking to for months. He talked such a good game before I got there. I was so excited in the days leading up to it. When I got to Florida, he stayed in bed for the entire week and played video games. Then, I asked him if we could go out somewhere, and he told me that he just paid his rent and that he could barely pay his bills. We sat in his room for the entire week until it was time for me to catch my flight home.”

Brianna D. said, “I went out on a Tinder date with this guy and I was so mad because he was on his phone the entire time. Then, he asked me to pay for my own bill because he told me that he wasn’t trying to spend a lot of money.”

Thoughts? Do you think that a man should always be responsible for footing the bill?

“I met this guy when I was leaving my doctor’s appointment,” said Gabrielle S. “He was a boxer, and he asked me out on a date. I thought, why not? What’s the worst that could happen? I try to give everyone a fair chance, you know? During our date, though, he was like a dementor…he sucked the life out of every conversation that we had. It was super awkward. Like, we had a good time I guess, but it was just weird. I could tell we both weren’t feeling it.”

Chris H. said, “On my very first date with my girlfriend, she ran over a speed bump, and the entire bottom of her tiny little car fell apart. We stood on the side of the road for three hours because we were waiting for AAA to come. For some reason, AAA couldn’t get to us because we were in the middle of the parkway. We had to call a tow truck, but the tow truck never came either. Then, we decided to call the police, but they had to go to another accident, so I guess we weren’t at the top of the priority list. Eventually, my friend came and got us, and we left my girlfriend’s car on the side of the road. Apparently, the tow truck arrived like five hours later.”

Do you have a really bad date story that you want to share? Drop it in the comments below. We want to hear your story!

Written By: Janae Grier

Instagram: @janaegrier/@janaegrizzy

Website: https://janizzyinc.com/

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